American Made Rayne Silver Wide Tall Mirror Size 30.5x65.5 - R003T





American Made Rayne Gray Barnwood Wall Mirror - V064 



American Made Rayne Silver Wide Wall Mirror - R003 



American Made Rayne Silver Wide Slender Body Mirror Size 21x60 - V003TS or R003TS



American Made Rayne Canyon Bronze Wall Mirror - V0029 



American Made Rayne Black Angle Slender Body Mirror Size 21x60 - V009TS or R009TS



American Made Rayne Glossy White Mirror Size 28.5x63.5 - R021T



American Made Rayne Rustic Seaside Wall Mirror - V040 



American Made Rayne Silver Wide Full Body Mirror Size 26x64 - V003TM or R003TM 



American Made Rayne Solid Black Angle Wall Mirror - R009 

·         Malcomb

    Verified Purchase

Impressive! Good quality for the money

Malcomb November 16, 2015


·         Great Quality

    Verified Purchase

Beautiful mirror with brushed satin finish. Looks great leaning or hung.

yyyygyz November 12, 2015


·         Half Bathroom mirror

    Verified Purchase

I was looking for a well made, large mirror. This was exactly as described. Extremely well packaged. This mirror is very very heavy. I had to pull into house, it will require two maybe three people to hang. Have not hung. Very pleased beautiful mirror. Well worth the money.

mlwinnash November 11, 2015


·         Value seeker

    Verified Purchase

Great mirror for $...heavy so choose placement carefully...I'd buy again...measurement is off slightly...shorter than noted

pilotcheryl November 10, 2015


·         Nice mirror

    Verified Purchase

Good, solid, simple mirror. I would recommend it to others.

Elizabeth B. November 10, 2015


·         This mirror is large and beautiful.

    Verified Purchase

This was packaged well ... I was worried but had no problem.

Leslie Ann N. November 8, 2015



    Verified Purchase


Michelle E. October 30, 2015


·         Rain

    Verified Purchase

BEAUTIFUL Mirror. Hung over sectional. Clean lines and simple elegance,

rain7216 October 29, 2015


·         wow

    Verified Purchase

Perfect size and looks great 

Sabih K. October 26, 2015


·         Designer

    Verified Purchase

Very good quality... Great looking finish on frame... low distortion..

Julie D. October 20, 2015


·         Nicely made, crisp mirror!

    Verified Purchase

I recently began ordering from overstock for the first time to makeover my bedroom! I wanted a huge leaning mirror that i could also hang if i decided! This mirror is really nice and very dramatic-the look i'm going for in my room! It has hanging hard wire for hanging horizontallly and vertically. Appears very sturdy. I read all the reviews and dove in! The packagimg was great! It helps to have 2 people shimmy it out of the box to make sure there's no damage. I quickly noticed all the reinforement and just cut the box out from around it. It is definitely a full size mirror you won't regret!! Thank you overstock! From hitting buy to my doorsteps was 5 days!

Desiree D. October 6, 2015


·         Great mirror

    Verified Purchase

Great looking mirror. Such a great show piece, we are having a hard time deciding what room to put it in. Very nice!

thommc September 30, 2015


·         Fantastic product

    Verified Purchase

Extremely impressed at how well this was packaged. They really put a lot of effort into customer service. And the product is beautiful. The finish looks expensive. Came equipped with a number of different hanging options. Didn't have to buy anything additional to hang it. Highly recommended.

Lori D. September 21, 2015


·         high quality

    Verified Purchase

Love this mirror,, heavy and of good quality, be careful to hang it.

Ritie September 15, 2015


·         Large - not too heavy

    Verified Purchase

Easy to move around the room as needed

Shawnda S. September 9, 2015


·         Even Better In Person!!!

    I bought this mirror for a room in our basement, but when I saw how gorgeous it was, I decided to hang it in the living room. It's too pretty not to show it off! It is very true to size when compared to the picture, and is very sturdy.

OstkUser45353 August 24, 2015


·         mirror

    Verified Purchase

i love the mirror the only reason i am giving it 4 stars is because it not true to size

joli d. August 20, 2015


·         Pricey and Not Worth Hype

    Verified Purchase

It arrived superbly packaged, which is awesome because shipping stuff like this is difficult due to size/glass/care. I expected something a bit more sturdy, but the frame is relatively thin and it appears that the frame has a silverish film wrapped around it as far as finish is concerned. The part that bugs me, all four corners are not seamless; distinct separation (okay, maybe I'm the only would that would pay attention to that, but for the price I'd expect better quality). You can do just as well with a $** mirror from the discount stores.

marek83 August 11, 2015


·         Great Quality

    Verified Purchase

This mirror is heavy, great quality, and beautiful silver finish.

Milissa B. August 8, 2015


·         Great mirror

    Verified Purchase

We love it - it's well made and looks great in our bedroom. We have it propped against the wall, not hanging. Highly recommend!

Bonnie B. July 21, 2015


·         Rayne Mirror

    Verified Purchase

An absolute beauty! This mirror is well made and looks gorgeous in our master bath! Our first mirror had a small defect, Overstock was great about replacing it. Great find, great price! Thank you!!

Eileen L. July 18, 2015


·         Mirror

    Verified Purchase

Absolutely love my mirror. Really compliments my living room

catnip02 July 16, 2015


·         Huge Beautiful Mirror

    Verified Purchase

This mirror is over sized and beautiful - looks great just leaning up against the wall!

Julie G. July 15, 2015


·         Solid mirror

    Verified Purchase

This came very well packaged, in perfect condition! I have ALWAYS wanted a hug body mirror and this hits my dream right on the head! I love the versatility of it will not go out of style and it is the perfect size for me and my husband!

mrssabo June 28, 2015


·         Beautiful!!!

    Verified Purchase

I never rec'd 1st order however after I called "Overstock" replacement package came within a wk. This mirror is absolutely amazing.

Tee June 24, 2015


·         Fabulous large mirror

    Verified Purchase

Beautiful! Hardware on back allows you to hang vertically or horizontally, or you can lean it against a wall. I put it above my bathroom vanity (horizontally) replacing 2 smaller mirrors and it just brightened and enlarged the bathroom and added to a very modern design. Very pleased and loved the price!

nlm304 June 23, 2015


·         big solid mirror

    Verified Purchase

It's bigger than I thought it would be, which works even better. It's heavy, so I'm hesitant to hang it, but it doesn't seem to be made to be a floor mirror. Still glad to have it. love the size and frame.

Neeti P. May 11, 2015


·         Gorgeous mirror.

    Verified Purchase

It looks exactly as it was pictured. It was delivered well packaged and with no damage. Great addition to my hallway

theoct May 8, 2015


·         Could this be any more perfect? NO!

    Verified Purchase

I purchased this large floor mirror to hang horizontally on a wall over a bank of drawers in a hallway. It completes the space perfectly and add depth to a skinny hallway as well as enabling one to check their outfit and hair quickly. The hardware to hang this mirror is ingenious! Instead of the typical art hangers or picture wire, there are sets of U-tracks to hang it horizontally or vertically. We chose horizontally and got it perfect the first try. That is because the tracks are long enough to easily hold a long level between them and eliminate the margin of error. Also, we have brushed nickel/stainless hardware on the cabinets and the light fixtures. The edge of this mirror is the same brushed metal look and goes perfectly. My husband, who was against buying a mirror, has admitted that it is just perfect.

lesjoh1953 May 6, 2015


·         andysu

    Verified Purchase

Bought this mirror for a large wall in our living room. I was at first afraid that it would look bath roomy but it really doesn't! It added that extra dimension the room needed... and it's made in America.!

Happy Customer May 1, 2015


·         Love it!

    Verified Purchase

Great mirror .. perfect for my bedroom and perfect price!

house3265 May 1, 2015


·         Big mirror

    Verified Purchase

We looked all over for a silver mirror for our wall. Finally found this one. Looks good.

Emily S. April 23, 2015

·         Awesome mirror!

    Verified Purchase

It's perfect horizontally in my master bath. When I renovate the bathroom I'll use this mirror vertically in a different room. Love that.

Brian V. June 3, 2017


·         As described but better

    Verified Purchase

Sturdy quality. Good looking.

maiden2 May 28, 2017


·         Milan

    Verified Purchase

This mirror looks great and is good quality. I am very pleased.

Charlene May 8, 2017


·         Looks awesome in my bathroom

    Verified Purchase

This was a wonderful addition to our bathroom. Well made. Makes the room now look huge and modern. Very sturdy construction. Just love how it looks.

deb54812 April 21, 2017


·         Owner

    Verified Purchase

More beautiful than the image online

PAMELA D W. April 7, 2017


·         Mirror is awesome - Love it

    Verified Purchase

It is a big stylish mirror - came in nicely packaged and exactly how I expected.

Aliona A. March 23, 2017


·         Perfect fit

    Verified Purchase

Tucked into the master closet it looks great just leaning against the wall. Use it every morning. Size is perfect.

OstkUser310938 March 15, 2017


·         Mirror

    Verified Purchase

We put in our remodeled master bathroom and this mirror is PERFECT!

Angie L. March 14, 2017



    Verified Purchase

I love this mirror. It made a boring part of my home looks interesting.

Cristeta N. March 13, 2017


·         Lovely mirror

    Verified Purchase

This is a sturdy and lovely mirror that was very reasonably priced.

mbaldwin81 February 23, 2017


·         Beautiful Craftsmanship

    Verified Purchase

This beautifully crafted floor to wall mirror make our bathroom remodel look complete.

Soisson February 5, 2017


·         Looks great

    Verified Purchase

Leaned up against my wall in my living room, pretty heavy, OK quality for the price

Michael C. January 8, 2017


·         Beautiful

    Verified Purchase

This mirror is well made and beautiful. It looks beautiful in our guest room.

Sherry H. December 11, 2016


·         Great Mirror

    Verified Purchase

Makes my dinning room look bigger, brighter and more modern. Very happy with purchase.

luchster October 24, 2016


·         Very nice

    Verified Purchase

Just as described. looks lovely.

simanju October 23, 2016


·         Cheaply made for the price

    Verified Purchase

This looks nice but it's actually very flimsy (which is OK because it's not heavy) 

OstkUser564144 October 23, 2016


·         Beautiful!!!

    Verified Purchase

Big, beautiful and perfect!!!

Mónica G. October 7, 2016


·         Kept it

    Verified Purchase

It's ordinary looking wish it more decorative..i kept it and it looks good on my office

Leslie T. October 6, 2016


·         Perfect for the space...

    Verified Purchase

Love the mirror! Just the right frame and size for where and what I wanted.

Terry R. September 29, 2016


·         Amazing mirror

    Verified Purchase

This mirror looks so much more expensive than the price shows. We actually just ordered it another size because we loved it so much!

Amber D. September 26, 2016


·         Love it.

    Verified Purchase

Looks so expensive! Used in a commercial application in the lobbies of a major ballroom in CT. Impressive!

Maryann S. September 7, 2016


·         Great priced mirror!

    Verified Purchase

Placed this mirror in a newly remodeled bath; above a 70 inch vanity with a single center sink. It looks like an expensive mirror. Pleased with purchase.

Barbara C. September 7, 2016


·         Beautiful!

    Verified Purchase

I was concerned when the box arrived, it was in horrible condition and taped back together...but the mirror itself was packed so well it was perfect. The mirror is a wonderful size, looks beautiful in my room. The perfect decorative item for that one odd wall that needed a little something. My only complaint would be the protective clear was really difficult to remove from the sides of the mirror. So difficult that I wasn't even sure if there was tape on there at first.

Laura G. August 21, 2016


·         Elegant and nice looking

    Verified Purchase

Elegant and nice looking. Very pleased with this purchase.

Zohreh Beigom O. August 5, 2016


·         Love it!

    Verified Purchase

Huge mirror--very classy and great quality. absolutely perfect!

Seneatha C. July 28, 2016


·         Ms Pam

    Verified Purchase

Size and shape are perfect over my fireplace. Not crazy about the silver wrap on the frame. Could peel.

Pam W. July 21, 2016


·         Experienced Shopper

    Verified Purchase

LOVE this mirror. I get a ton of compliments on it. It's beautiful and really acts as a nice addition to a bedroom or bathroom. It's very decorative.

Sharon B. June 27, 2016


·         MS

    Verified Purchase

Corners of the mirror's frame do not meet very well.

Elizabeth K. June 25, 2016


·         Very nice mirror

    Verified Purchase

Searched around and this met our needs and price was good. Good quality. Would order again

m323 May 30, 2016


·         Great quality

    Verified Purchase

I was on the search for a floor mirror and I couldn't be happier

lisa D. May 22, 2016


·         Classy

    Verified Purchase

Heavy but nice quality and not as shiny as the picture

Darlene M. May 8, 2016


·         Owner

    Verified Purchase

As expected very good purchase

Irvin b. April 22, 2016


·         Beautiful!

    Verified Purchase

Gorgeous mirror, I ordered one for our corporate office bathroom and loved it so much, I just ordered two more. The mirror was packed very well and looks beautiful on the wall.

Tracy T. April 13, 2016


·         nice

    Verified Purchase

really nice modern mirror

c abs April 10, 2016


·         Great purchase

    Verified Purchase

Mirror looks wonderful in our dining too! Great purchase

Nicola W. April 9, 2016


·         Wow it's a great mirror and the price was excellent

    Verified Purchase

excellent price and the mirror was perfect for my hall way

Tim B. April 8, 2016


·         Looks incredible and high quality!

    Verified Purchase

Looks incredible and high quality!

george16 April 5, 2016


·         Very nice mirror, good price

    Verified Purchase

I was really happy with this item. I am surprised to see other reviews say it wasn't big enough or other complaints. I found the picture to be accurate. The item was well packed, no damage. I believe this mirror weighs a little over 50 lbs. They provide interlocking cleats, so you pick whether you want the mirror oriented long or tall, and you remove the extra cleats. You then mount them to the wall. They provided maybe 1" screws with drywall molly fasteners. For peace of mind, we bought our own sturdier screws that were rated for 100lbs. It's a great full length mirror hanging at the end of our hallway. Lets us see our clothes and is something nice to look at in the hall.

jenjenmi March 26, 2016


·         Nice mirror

    Verified Purchase

Mirror arrived securely wrapped. I guess I under measured as its too short to leave standing on the floor. This was not a big issue as the mounting brackets were easy to install. Overall I'm happy with the purchase.

Gwyan M. March 20, 2016


·         Bathroom beauty

    Verified Purchase

Enhanced and add light to bathroom remodeling

Angeline R March 19, 2016


·         Nice mirror!

    Verified Purchase

This mirror looks great in my hallway!

Meg M. March 10, 2016


·         Silver mirror

    Verified Purchase

I love the mirror just wish it was a bit taller

Michelle P. March 4, 2016


·         Ms.

    Verified Purchase

Very good looking mirror. Packing was extremely good.

sili March 1, 2016


·         Mirror

    Verified Purchase

Love the simplicity of this mirror look- I was looking for something soft and simple for my dinning area- but at the same time fancy. Perfect!!!

asilomaria February 27, 2016


·         Silver Hall Mirror

    Verified Purchase

I love this mirror and I'm glad it's here in my home. Good piece with clean smooth lines.

Linda C S. February 8, 2016


·         great purchase!

    Verified Purchase

i am 5'10" and love having a full length mirror I can see all of me in!

meringuedesigns January 21, 2016


·         Awesome Mirror!

    Verified Purchase

Love it! It was easy to install on my bathroom wall and it looks great. The quality of the mirror is very good. Now I can see what my outfit really looks like before I go out each day:)

PATRICIA G. S. January 14, 2016


·         great mirror

    Verified Purchase

Makes the living room look a lot better by adding depth and making the furniture elegant.

Paul J. December 31, 2015


·         silver mirror

    Verified Purchase

love it. nice and sturdy. great value.

Jackson R. December 26, 2015


·         Perfect!

    Verified Purchase

Five Stars! This is exactly the mirror I was looking for, it stands out and makes my bedroom look better. Matches perfect with my decor and silver mirror vanity, and It was very easy to install.

SilviaRmz December 19, 2015


·         Excellent quality and price

    Verified Purchase

This mirror is just what I needed for a long counter in my bathroom. It's well constructed and comes with the hardware needed to mount it to the wall. An excellent purchase, especially at this price!

vt203 December 16, 2015


·         Perfect finishing touch to bath remodel

    Verified Purchase

The item arrived in perfect condition and as described. The mirror is the perfect finishing touch to our bath remodel, making it feel like a swank hotel bathroom in the best possible way.

Jennifer F. December 11, 2015


·         Great mirror

    Verified Purchase

Good quality. Looks nice. Very sturdy.

Allyson K. December 5, 2015


·         Love it!

    Verified Purchase

I ordered three of these for an in home gym. They arrived unscathed and well made. They are stylish and functional. Excellent purchase.

Michelle S. November 30, 2015


·         Fabulous looking glass

    Verified Purchase

This full length mirror, has weight to stand any were you want it to go and not tip looks better in person then the pictures ., you have a full view of your self with this mirror. .,love it...

DELLIA B. November 28, 2015


·         great mirror

    Verified Purchase

the mirror was shipped promptly, extremely well packed, and of excellent quality. some nice touches included protective film on all faces of the frame and wire bracing across the back to maintain structural integrity. great mirror!

robert m. November 24, 2015


·         Fab!

    Verified Purchase

Fantastic look. Heavy. Significant piece.

kkshopper November 20, 2015


·         PM

    Verified Purchase

American made which is a plus. Looks great in my hallway.

Pamela M. November 19, 2015


·         Look at yourself

    Verified Purchase

Well packed and large! Nice for the $$$

pin32 November 17, 2015


·         really nice!

    Verified Purchase

I bought this for my grand-daughter for her 21st. birthday..She loves it!! Very good quality. packed nicely and delivered 3 days before delivery date

marge55 April 22, 2015


·         Just What I was Looking For!

    Verified Purchase

This is a beautiful mirror and quality too! Can't beat it for the price. I converted my closet into a contemporary dressing room and it looks amazing with this mirror. Go ahead and buy it, you won't be disappointed!

Jennifer M. April 14, 2015